The End of Amesblog, But the Start of Something New

If you’ve been a reader of the blog at all, then may have noticed that in the last month or so, the writing has really slowed down. There’re a couple of reasons for this.

Amesblog was an experiment for us. We’ve never really seen a blog actively written on by two people. This is probably for good reasons, as having a website with split personalities makes things a little more difficult. Cory and I never butted heads on anything, and we both liked each others posts, but over the last quarter, we’ve both discovered more on what we’d like to be personally focusing on, and it seems to be two different paths.

The paths are similar, but still different enough that what we are both focusing on isn’t really what one website should be publishing.

I’ve been traveling quite a bit the last few months, which has made it difficult to consistently write. Since I left Seattle in Mid December, I’ve bounced around between Spokane, Boise, Sioux Falls, Hawaii, and Mexico. While this has been great, it’s really highlighted for me that my productivity is extremely low during travel, even if I’m in one place for two weeks at a time.

I just have a harder time to get into a routine. There’s a sense of “I shouldn’t be working while I’m here”, even though going into it I 100% wanted to maintain normal work hours. What this means is my writing falls off to the side.

Writing on Amesblog makes me no money, and I don’t plan on it to. I have no monetary goals for this, so when my hours on the computer gets reduced, this is really one of the first things to fall off.

My writing should be picking back up though. I’ll be leaving Boise, where I’ve been the majority of the time the last four months, and heading to Spokane for a week. After that, I’ll be moving back to Seattle for the foreseeable future. I think I’ll be in Seattle for at least a year.

While I do work from my computer, and could be setting up a life anywhere in the world, I want to come back to Seattle. For one, it’s an amazing city. I have a good group of friends there, I’m close to my family, and there’s always stuff going on. Also, I know I can get into a good routine there. For me, success with business comes from my daily routine of putting in work. It’s the one thing I can control, is to show up every day and work, and if I’m in Seattle, I know I can stick with it easier.

So this brings me to the title of the article.

This is the end of Amesblog. A very short lived, not wide read website. However, it won’t be the end of me writing. I’ll be transferring everything over the, which I’ll be writing on pretty sporadically.

I can’t promise consistent content there because I will be working on content for my eCommerce company. My eCommerce company is in the education space, which as I have been discovering over the last quarter is something I’m very passionate about. So it’s nice to have a company in which I can write content that I truly care about.

In the future, I’ll share the eCommerce company, but at this point, it’s so young that if a competitor with a ton of money wanted to come in and wipe me out, it could be possible. As a young company (4 months), it’s good to stay under the radar as much as possible. However, as we grow as a brand over the next year, we’ll have a more solid foundation on which there’s no need to be secretive about it.

So I’ll be splitting my writing between my personal blog and my eCommerce company.

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